Polyzine.com is an online magazine dedicated to the presentation of thought-provoking contemporary articles to our international readership. It is our commitment to offer our readers a collection of original writings that mirror the vision of our parent organization, the Polymath Society International.

This magazine is an open forum to those who are dedicated to the free expxression of ideas. We will not limit our publication to only one line of thinking, one side of an issue. Ours is a living document, a series of insightful and educational pieces providing ever-changing, mind-expanding good reading.

Our goal is to inspire: to encourage the growth of the polymath spirit. To enhance the life of every reader in some way, even if it was only to have exposed them to a different viewpoint, a new perspective. We don't expect you to always agree with our authors, we only hope that you will enjoy their offerings and then respond to them through the Editorial Staff. In this way, we become a cooperative organism of thoughtful expression and become a part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. When just one mind expands, we all benefit.

We see this zine as a conduit to social change. As an inspiring and encouraging collection of instructive and challenging monographs. We invite you to participate by submitting articles for publication. The intellect only grows by use. We bid your brain to join us in our journey toward personal enrichment and individual enlightenment.

The polymath lifestyle is one of confidently taking on interesting challenges. It is also one of balance and perspective, of viewing things through the eyes of another, as well as keeping a fundamental sense of conscious purpose at the forefront. Please enter the world of the polymath, where we transcend the normal, go beyond the ordinary, and stretch the linear experience.

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