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Greetings and Welcome to the Polyzine.com Online Magazine. We will be publishing original articles on this site in the very near future. In the meantime we thought we would take this opportunity to give you a preview of what you can expect from us within the next few weeks.

Every month in this section of the zine we will be introducing our contributing authors. We will of course share with you some ordinary autobiographical information on them. In addition we hope to also offer some inside background on each of our writers so as to reveal to you the reader, a more personal glimpse into the mind of our proffered journalists. We will also be presenting a brief synopsis of each of our articles that will include an explanation of the perspective they are writing from.

Also on this page, the Editorial Staff will be presenting information that they have gathered from a number of eclectic outside sources. Here at Polyzine.com, we feel that it is our responsibility not only to bring you professionally prepared quality reading in our Articles Section, but also to bring to your attention news stories and contemporary information that you might have missed reading only your local newspapers and mainstream periodicals.

Our objective here at Polyzine.com is to provide superior reading for our forward thinking international audience. Not only will we be providing erudite articles for your enjoyment and enlightenment, but also to secure for you from more obscure publishing sources, reading material that is both topical and thought-provoking.

At the present time, we have a number of very interesting writings in our "Essays" Section. We urge you to visit that area of our zine today. Very soon you can begin enjoying Articles in our "Economy", "Women" and "Science" sections plus we will be highlighting exceptional current events articles in our "What's New" area. Please return to our site often and tell your friends about us. Remember that you are welcome to send your remarks to the Editorial Staff at any time.

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The Editor