Clearwater Chinese School


Nin Hao!  Hello.

Renshi women de lao shi . Meet Our Teachers



Haihe Tian teaches the daren (big people) class Mandarin. Born in China, Haihe Tian has very good Mandarin pronuncian and is a very conscientious teacher.


Haihe also ejoys teaching Chinese medicine and practicing acupuncture. Haihe Tian, an Oriental Medical Doctor, has made programs for CCTV and the Beijing Television Station. He has taught Chinese to foreigners for ten years in China and taught Chinese to Americans for four years in the US.


Haihe Tian teaching the daren conversation class.




Sara Yuan teaches the Chilren’s conversation as well as reading and writing Chinese. Born in Shanghai, China, Sara is a very dedicated and talented instructor. She speaks both Mandarin and Shanghai dialect as well English.


Sara came to the US in 1988 and has been teaching at the Clearwater Chinese School since 1997. She also has two Children in the school and a very nice husband, David Yuan. In China Sara obtained an Engineering Degree from Gansu Industrial University in Lanzhou Province. She has also studied computer science in St. Petersburg.


Sara grew up excelling in track and field, especially the long jump,  and plays a three stringed classical Chinese instrument called the “sanxuan.”



Sara Yuan teaching the children’s conversation class.




Wei-Chun Tai was born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and has been teaching at our school since 1999.


Wei-Chun graduated from SPJC in May and  is currenty working on her BS at the University of South Florida and enjoys listening to music, basketball, swimming, and aerobics.


Wei Chun Tai Teaching a writing class.




Lu Lao Shi is from Shanghai and  has been teaching writing and speaking at our school for many years. Lu was an engineer in China and helped to develop China’s steel and automotive industries. He really takes pride in his work.


Lu Lao Shi is very engaging and friendly and really likes to teach Chinese. If you talk to him in Chinese he will try to carry on a conversation with you in Chinese and help you out when you can’t remember the words.


Lu Lao shi teaching his class (a candid shot).




Patty Duann is from Taiwan and teaches the children writing and spoken Chinese.


Patty Graduated from Chen-Kung National University with a major in Chinese Literature (B.A. degree).


Patty is a dedicated teacher and is one of the original founders and supporters of the school in 1990. Patty also belongs to SACA and has been active in the Chinese community in Tampa Bay for many years.


Patty Duann teaching her class.




Yee-chen Jane Robson was born in Myanmar and educated in Taiwan. She has a BA in literature and a certificate teaching Chinese as a second language. Yee-Chen has recently joined our community here and is currently a substitute teacher and general helper. She is also doing the newsletter and helping to organize this page. She previously taught Chinese school in Guam for two years.


Yee-Chen loves writing and has written two children’s books: “A little Driver Bubu” and “The Shoes.”




Yee-Chen substituting in the daren class.




Tina writing Chinese on the board in Lu lao-shi’s class.