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The pursuit of knowledge is a never-ending journey. Daily we learn, experience, grow. At every turn, we are inputting data that will be re-processed and transformed hopefully into something useful. Our task is to absorb as much data as we can, to pursue extra information about those topics we find personally interesting and then to share that knowledge with others.   more is a new web site that students and others can ask any question and get an answer. Students from Georgia Tech are involved so you can get some good answers.


Art: Mary Cassatt

by Tom Lacey

The way to really appreciate art is to reproduce it yourself. One always learns by imitation, by copying, but not a slavish reproduction. In this copy of Mary Cassatt's's "Boating," the water swirls about the subjects, imparting a sense of motion to the otherwise restful scene. The shadows under the hat give one a sense of coolness, along with the green of the water, complementing the reds of the leaves and the women's rudy complexions of the sun. The composition is thus one of color as well as line. Mary Cassatt also shows rest by the careful palcement of the hands and folding of the arms, a technique she often employs.more

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