A bill ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment has been voted out of committee in Missouri and needs a strong advocacy effort for passage by the House of Representatives before the end of the 1999 legislative session on May 14.

A successful vote in Missouri will advance the "three-state strategy" promoted by the ERA Summit, based on a legal analysis that if three more states ratify, the existing 35 state ratifications could be found legally viable, putting the ERA in the Constitution at last. This makes the Missouri struggle a NATIONAL action.

Organizations and individuals may write or phone Speaker of the House Steve Gaw at (573) 751-2700, thanking him for his support of HJR35 and asking him to schedule the bill for a floor vote before the end of the current legislative session.

Organizations and individuals both inside and outside Missouri are encouraged to connect with the ERA campaign through the Missouri Women's Network by contacting President Shirley Breeze (314) 831-5359, or Legislative Director Mary Mosley (573) 642-6354.

Further information about the ERA Summit is available on the Web. Visit this informative site for both historical information and current strategy updates.

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