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If you don't hear spoken Chinese, it may be because your phone or tablet is not using the Google voice for Text-to-Speech (TTS). Go to settings and pick Google as the default voice reader. You may also need to pick US English as the default language.

You can also pick Chinese as a second input language. This allows you to input Chinese by voice, speaking to your phone. In this case, you would want to select English as the translation language in Polyzine to see what you said. Select the language to translate to from the dropdown menu. You also have to select Chinese input on your phone. This is often done by pressing the space bar, or the key to the left of the spacebar.

If you enter a series of English phrases, Polyzine Translator will show what you typed as well as the Chinese in the output box. It will add a period so you don't need to type that. You can add pinyin if you like, which appears on the next line for what you translated.

When you read the entire translation (button link), it does not try to speak the pinyin. If you click "Listen to Everything," it says everything. Of course, the pinyin is not Chinese, so disregard how it reads that.

You can use other languages besides Chinese, of course. In that case, the pinyin button is not visible.

You can save your translation by clicking on: "Download as 'translation.html'". You can then open that file at Use "File" and then "File Open" and find the file. If you have saved more than once, they will be numbered as translation.html(1), (2), (3), etc.

In "Alice Writes" (, pick the "Read" option to listen to your translation. There, it only has the option of reading the whole thing.